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I am a local cleaning service run since 2006. I have many years of experience cleaning all kinds of offices. I have many references from customers available including direct telephone numbers if required

*Some customers I have done to date.....

Gala Bingo Club.
Cobdown Sports Ground.
Convoys Distribution.
R. Days Garages.
FTL Flooring.
Kent Wildlife Centres.
Chatham Port Authority.
Peel Ports (Flagstaff)
Peel Ports Waste & Recycling.

I are very thorough in our cleaning and love it when I get compliments; they make me feel great that my customers are happy.



No matter what you want cleaning (offices, prefabs, outside toilets etc!) and no matter where, as long as you can get me there...... its done!  obviously I cant go and do an oilrig etc.... but anything within reason.

These pictures, Dead Mans Island, Chatham Docks..... the piers all but dissapeared but were shipped over by client, I climbed the rotton platforms with our gear and did the work................. it was actually a Health & Safety official inspection..... it passed without one recommendation,  the piers condemned though lol... thats the clients problem, our cleaning was spot on though :) .......


* managed a quick pic of the lads helping me get my gear up the pier....





*Part of the Independent Authors Group

Part of the Independent Authors Group

Gary Simpson,
Independent Authors Bookshops
Camelot, Cuxton Marina, Station Road, Cuxton, Rochester, Kent, ME2 1AB

Tel:-07771 877030

** 25% of UK households now only use mobile phone numbers, saves on a landline and the rental charges, go to www.start.biz and input 'Independent Authors Bookshops'you'll see me there, fully registered and in business.

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