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I d check blog every so often :)

As I been very busy I don't really use this site much other than to be a contact for anyone seeking or googleing cleaning services in the area :)

Just so you know.  Once I get a new site up and running then I can start using my blog as much as I used to.

Unfortunately I still have my stalker who constantly logs into the blog..... annoying but what can you do lol :)

My main site is the books one :)

Gary :) 

I do check here everry

No To Dog/cat meat in Asia!

Supported by this business.........................................................

Please sign if you love animals, one is to ban human on animal sex houses!!!!!

This one to try to stops French run territorie's using dogs as shark bait, thay actually hook a dogs mouth and throw it over board!  

**This and other guy's are safe, see this video, its not greusome....... its heartening, he is under sedation so no pain and has a new family :) you'll feel good that your efforts are saving these doggie/cats :)

The Above is to give animals their riught back and stop animal internet sites that sell animals online! they even post some!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This one below is to stop perverted humans from abusing animals for sex.... PERVERTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they should be killed the dirty rotton morons.

TO: EU Parliament President and other representatives: 

Bestiality is a worldwide occurrence, and largely ignored by most because of its shameful nature. Europe, which the world looks upon as the model of civilization, is not free from bestiality. European abusers struggle to justify this type of cruelty under the "freedom to rape animals" umbrella which grossly ignores the pain and stress caused by animal rapists. Like children, animals suffer terribly in the hands of their molesters. 

EU members, such as The Netherlands and Denmark appear to be worse than the rest as they openly defend this cruel practice as the right of their minority of abusers. Denmark goes as far as permitting animal sex farm bordellos, a thriving business where their owners profit from animal rape. A statement from a public figure, supposed to be protecting animals in Denmark, has brought chills to the animal protection community: "It is OK to have sex with an animal as long as no suffering is inflicted on the animal... So there is no need to change the law as people's rights would be violated by banning sex with animals." Learn more from these links: & 

All attempts to end this cruelty have been met with utmost complacency, closely resembling mockery. The issue of bestiality can go beyond hurting animals: If it is OK to rape animals "as long as it is not hurting others, " then what will come next? Sex with children as long it is not hurting others? Animals and children are both vulnerable to rapists who take pleasure in sadistically overpowering their defenseless victims. 

This is not about the rights of a minority to rape animals. It is about the pain caused to species that are not in a position to consent, and forced to do something unnatural to their nature. Would a child have sex with its molester if given a choice? Animals are not physically equipped to have sex with humans. When it happens it is rape. There is severe pain and fear involved in it, AND THEY DO GET HURT. Photos of small animals killed miserably during rape are abundant on the internet, and too gruesome to be posted here. 

AN ANIMAL RAPIST COULD BE THE NEXT CHILD MOLESTER! Serial killers almost invariably start their bloody careers practicing on animals. What makes one believe that an animal rapist will not be the next child molester? Parents should be aware of those who practice bestiality so as to protect their children from possible child molesters. 

Please take a moment to write to your representatives asking them to pass laws against bestiality simply because it is CRUEL and animal abusers are one step away from harming defenseless humans as well. On the above links, you will find addresses to the European Parliament and your representatives as well as letter samples. 

By signing this petition, you will be asking the European Parliament leaders as well as your representatives, to pass laws to protect defenseless animals from being raped by humans. It is time for the world to stop defending the indefensible, and Europe, of all places, should take the first step to end this contemptible cruelty to satisfy a sadistic minority. 

Thank you for your compassion, 

The Anti-Fur Society, USA 
The Bright Eyes Society, The Netherlands 

Independent Authors first Bookshop!

Yep, I now have my first shop, I sign for the keys this coming wednesday, cannot wait.

It's in Strood, in the Tollgate walkway, it's small but its a start :)

I'll update with pictures soon :)


Convicted Dog abuser moves into Strood and Darnley close!

This guy, we believe is Johnathan Broomfield, living in the area in his new (benefit funded) home in Pelican Close, Strood and also with family in Darnley Road area.  After hoards of people went to his Grimsby home (where he lived while abusing animals) he had to be escourted out of the area by the police...... you'd think he'd keep a low profile.

He is quoted as saying to the press that he wants to be 'left alone out of repect for his safety and his family'................................So why is he staring people down in the street, annoying people by damaging their cars playing football in the street, and pitching for fights?

The best part is.... he is sueing for Compensation for his rights!...  what about the animals rights and other peoples?

Anyway heres the newspapers links and his picture, he has lost weight and shaved his head to avoid looking the same.................
The Sun

The Daily Mail

The video is all over Youtube as well as in the Sun Newspaper.



Ps, no doubt you read a few posts from my stalker (see:- Stalkers, Car insurance, film, Perry, taxman
 Blog below) and trolls who are freinds of this loser.

Website back, 11 June 12

Just a quickie, the wbesite is back and will look better once the tools have loaded up and I can do the site :) thx Gary.

Stalkers, Car insurance, film, Perry, taxman

Stalkers in the news and my druggies ones are trolling my blog again. 

Just renewed my car insurances and never relised that having a criminal record makes your premium higher......... COOL!  the junkies 'babes' <--- lol learning how toxic his drug soaked demon is.  (drug dealers are supporting the taliban to kill our soldiers........98% of drugs are made in Afganistan)

Curtis landed a lead part in a film being released next year,  James his best friend defended his world championship in kickboxing at the weekend so thats good news.

We doing well now, neighbours are great, Perry a friend of ours is back on the estate so thats good. also.

The bunny boiler will be having a visit from tax man :)  it always comes back on to you.  My under-graduate degree in law is goin well, finished my first module,  I also been gathering evidence to launch a claim for money stolen/owed to me in the past.

Hope your all well, Gary.

New author, dossers, law study.

Hi everyone.

Been good week, got a new author to add to my Independent Authors webstore, be on there very soon.

Doggies happy, boats not sank yet.  Completed my first pre-law study module, the Law is facinating.

Typical dossers doing the same, as soon as the sun is out...... music blasting! when the benefit bedroom tax comes along...... they be terrified, good.  Get a job!

Have a nice weekend, Gary.

Snow, tax, law

Been enjoying the snow with dogs, and a yeti, they loved it :)

Finished my latest law module, Law is facinating and cannot wait to become a fully fledged Solicitor.
Been preparing my documents for a court case (not for me) for their evidence.  Its good for my studies having a live case.

I found a puppy staff in the streets and took him to the RSPCA, he was stressed but he is in good hands now.

Stay warm, Gary.

Reality Bites.... it certainly does!

Yep 'Reality Bites'....... someone told me this (with a threat to look over my shoulder......) a few years ago on this very site, and it looks like it is...... on this vile person, what goes around comes around, I cannot wait, whatever answer...... your cooked, by your own words.

*to those wondering what I'm talking about, I am studying law and starting to see through a vail put over me the last few years..... and now able to put this bunny in it's own boiler.

Curtis has had a few well dones on the War Horse film he is in after being on the radio news and the local papers :) including some people asking for kickboxing bouts! lol.

Been a good week especially that I may have secured the funds for another Ferrari for my wedding hire company :) so all good :)

Hope your all well.  Gary.

New Year

Happy new year to all my clients, customers and anyone reading this :) (and the tax man! <--- just incase lol)


Problem family no2, Christmas, New Year

Christmas was great, got my Bigtrax car, I always wanted one when a kid. now I have, love it :) 

Boats, fine hasnt sank yet.

Got to do my taxes

Anyway Happy New Year, Gary.

Boat, Christmas, Books, sheep.

I am so glad the guy who killed those sheep has been arrested, hope he gets run over like he did to the sheep, bastard.  He obviously is one of those low grades, as he was remanded for some other crime too.............

Camelot my boat is really cosy :) and watching all the river wildlife is brilliant :) 

I have re-added a few pages on my website, Ferrari Wedding cars (I might have another Ferrari soon so two on the road :) just waiting to see if the bank will loan me the finances to buy a second one, They have my plan....) also the videos of my dogs, girlfriend, boat and Ferrari :)

Books sales been going on and its been nice paying some of the authors their money, it helps this time of year :)

I was investigated by the Tax office, but got the all clear yesterday :) which is great news :) although I have to pay tax by the end of next February........... grrrrrr lol

Have a nice Christmas an have a happy new year :)  Gary

Problem families, Ice rink, Christmas.

The roads are getting packed with the Christmas rush!......... the weathers also changed getting really cold.....

The govt news about tackling the 120.000 problem families... wont work these type know how to milk the system for all its worth and these type only think of themselves, I have had to deal with one.  They should have their homes taken from them and if holding a criminal record then they should be refused then communities will becme good places to live again.  (They have been on here again probably high on their drugs and booze.  Drugs makes druggies paranoid hence the drivel you might have read,  I just ask God to make happen what they want to happen to me to them.....when I asked Him last time,  a week later when I sprinkled Holy Water over their fence asking God to make them go.......... they did! so heres hoping............)

Kickboxing Friday night, looking forward.

Ice rink again at the weekend :)

Just bought some Christmas presents for the dogs and friends, hope they like them :)

Hope you all having a good week so far, Gary.

Ice, Christmas, Books

Books are doing well, Ice rink this week, cannot wait, also looking forward to Christmas, just a short one today, I am a bit busy.

Hope your well :) Gary.

Weekend...... the courts, F1........

Hi if your reading this.

Ice rink again last week, was great, I am on good form, had many people videoing me :) lol must have been a group of Christmas party folk from some local office :) I am traing a young lad called Paul, he is going to be a good skater............

The F1 grand prix will be 'shared' between Sky TV & the BBC!. so looks like half of them are going to have to be paid for.. which I wont be doing.  I suppose the BBC will show the races later on in the day after Sky have shown them.

The court thing some of you know about went well, the guy was convicted of a Public Order offence with the use of violence and threatening behaiviour, he has also left his job, he had to have a certain level of police clearence to be in his position..... the way I look at it, if you attack people you have to suffer anything that comes back to you.

I am going to attend some local FSB (the Federation of Small Businesses) meetings this next few weeks, I have called their legal team with some queries about tax issues, my returns have to be by the end of Jan, which helps.  If you have a small business join them if anything their legal team are brilliant and will protect you against anything, its not that expensive to join.

Ice rink again tomorrow (Sunday) cannot wait.

Anyway have a nice weekend, so many people are running around for Christmas holidays, the roads are jam packed round here!

Gary :)

weekend... Grand Prix, boats, new contract....

Another weekend, I managed to secure a new cleaning contract starting next week, so thats great :)  

The grand prix is on so I'll be watching on Sunday :) possibly go ice skating and record it for later :)  Curtis has another ring fight this Sunday, good luck to him :)

lol someones just put 35 quid through me door!

Have a nice weekend, Gary.

Update.................... The truth hurts.

Some of you have asked about the threats on the website at times, well unlike the comments about the case being dimissed....... even as recently as yesterday............. it hasnt.  So well done to the police for securing a guilty plea and its good to know the law still works even when it looks one sided (the usual thing, the bad ones getting away with stuff) Already been getting well dones from lots of people in the local area.  I cannot say more as another case is still ongoing.

Also good news is a large company has just called me and I hope to gain yet another customer (......... another myth exposed about being on the 'dole' and dossing) I believe in God and asked Him for help :))

Hope you all have a good day, Gary.

New week, books, Icerink, Wordia, dossers........

Doesnt it make you sick when you look around and see so many people just dossing.......... yes jobs are harder to find but they are still there, people should look for them and not just walk around with cans of booze in their hands smoking dope....... its so annoying when I see this and then hear them moaning....... they are not even trying!

Ice Rink again on wednesday night with cups and co, so looking forward to that.  Kick boxing this friday night too :)

*Me backwards, Cups in blue.

I looked at  huge boat that a friend of mine bought for onl;y £1.500!  it is a amazing what you can buy dirt cheap in the boat world, many people buy boats then get fed up and see it as a burden with mooring fees etc so they let them go so they dont have to worry about them anymore.  I am hoping this guy might pass this bargain onto me for a little bit more than he paid, it would make a great livaboard  :)

I checked Wordia dictionary today and see my version of the word 'Success' is still top rated, I cringe sometimes when I listen to it lol.

I love watching the secret millionaireUSA program at the moment, its good to see that you can still hit the big time and help others not so fortunate.

Anyway, have a nice rest of the week, Gary.

Ice, books, general stuff, home exhibition

 I'll be at the rink Sunday as usual, dogs fine, bit boring this weekend to be honest :)

Some saddos already got their Christmas decorations up!........... theres lots of dossers around here..... it shows how bored they are by getting deco's up 6 weeks early, I think it makes them feel they have something to do and takes their minds off being board.............. its a shame, why dont they actually try to find a job, make them feel better I am sure.  A few locals have brand spanking new cars supplied by the state and there is nothing wrong with them..... you see them running around, building stuff, but they are claiming disability.  There is one guy I know who was working yet claiming disability, they took his car back last week and stopped his money, he already has a job............ just goes to show, I think they will claim all the money back from him.

Books selling ok, cleanings plodding along, one has to hit the jackpot one day!

Have a nice weekend, Gary.

Books, Ice, Max, stuff........


Hope your all having a good week so far, my book sales are doing good, and my cleaning is also going up a gear :)  I have started the ball rolling for a house I have seen and fell in love with :)  I know someone who lives in a 179ft barge with a massive swimming pool in the lower deck! and they dont have to pay council (poll) tax! as its none residential.............. so its a bit like travellers, as your moving around you cannot really pay when you might move a week later.............

Been watching the program I was on a few years ago on Australian TV, its very motivating :) 

Max my new rescue dog is doing really well, he is now walking off leash which is great and as I always walk my dogs each day in the countryside he loves the freedom :)  I dont understand why so many people have cars but only walk their dogs in the streets when all they need to do it drive for a couple of miles and its countryside and dogs love it.

Ice skating tonight with cup's, Mr Bean.

Have a good rest of week, Gary................

Kickboxing, books, dogs, animals, Poppy burning, ice rink.......

I am glad that people went to a meet up to protest about the Poppy burning that the muslims against crusade were threatening to do........... and the news is that MAC has been banned and the leader homes have been searched.  I remember last year the governemtn allowed poppy burning on a day or remembrance!

Ice skating this sunday with cups, Mr Bean :)
*Pics, Me, Cupcakes & Mr Bean wednesday just gone

Max and KJ doing well and Max loves his new life especially the kitchen where the food is! lol. He also loves his walks in the countryside, he loves the night walks like KJ does :)

Kick boxing tonight (friday) and over the weekend we'll be on the boat and watching the Grand Prix,  I have been looking for another Mondial but people are asking too much for them :(

Sold a few books this week for Christmas presents which is good news for the authors I sell for.

Gary, :)

New week, books, boats, ice rink, dogs


Just the usual weekly stuff, selling books, Anne Stephenson Snow book is doing well :) 

Max is getting better and better everyday, settling in really well, which is great for a dog that has only ever known a rspca rescue centre.

Ice skating again this wednesday, we knew it wouldnt be long before we get approached about how good we are on the ice, I have always loved extreme skating (on ice) and it never fails to attract the youngsters and oldsters wanting to know how to do stuff :)  maybe I'll grow up one day.................. lol

Its getting colder now but I love dark nights as I always walk the dogs at night, they love it and its good to watch and see the wildlife around us, we sit at the edges of field most nights with a flask of tea, theres an owl thats befriended me but I dont interact with it as owls get humanised very quickly so we dont take treats.........

Kick boxing this friday ready for a grading in December, Curtis has a ring fight this coming 25th, so he has to train hard ready for it and also to regain his form since the lost competition last week :)

Have a good week :) Gary............

Weekend, ice rink, dogs, books.

Just paid some authors their dues for sales :) always feels good doing that, gives them hope that they might hit the bigtime one day.

Max is settling in really well now and KJ is getting more used to him, which is nice, Max is loving his new life of treats, walks in the country everyday and figthing his new dad! I found he is actually just over a year old, thought he was nearly two hence he is still puppyfied...........

Ice rink tomorrow with cupcakes and some other of my mates, although I have had the trots the last few days, hoping I might be ok tomorrow ( too much info eh? lol)

I get fed up with junk mail sometimes, they always send stupid things through that I've won billions from microsoft.. yet the email they use is something ike yea.... ok I'll be on the phone with a payment to 'release' the money.............

The Close is a bit nicer now since its been cleaned up although all the negative vibes have left scars on some people but I am sure it'll all pan out soon :)

Hope your all doing well, have a nice weekend, Gary........

Weekend, Ice rink, Max RSPCA, Curtis Belt fight.


Weekend here, so the usual Ice rink fun.

Curtis has a competition on today and will be competing in three fights today hopefully gain the champions belt.  He slept well last night so should be on form.  Its a hard day.

Max from the RSPCA has moved in now and he has been very good, he hasnt howled over his first night, KJ has been getting annoyed by hiom and is putting him in his place, sometimes its worrying when you see a rottie telling a staffy off.......... but they do get on well :) just teething and early days.  But he is staying :)

Been fixing my boat, Camelot and he's fine.  Watching the Grand Prix this weekend in him.

I ahve sold a few more books this week and also got a new small cleaing contract too.

Have a good weekend...... Gary.

Midweek stuff, Ice, Max, Curtis training, Mira & Ian doing it again....

Curtis has a fight this coming weekend and is up for a belt :) he'll breeze it.

Max from the RSPCA is coming to live with me now I have been cleared.  So thats good news.

Mira and Ian been doing what they do best lol...........

Looking at a new classic Ferrari Mondial this weekend.

Ice rink tomorrow night with mates going to see if anyone can beat my longest jump record I have held for 6 years :) and most are 20 years yonger than me!. whats wrong with todays youth lol.

Boatyard again to fix boat and seal things ready for the winter.

I still laugh at people I know and customers who enjoy reading these blogs!........... get a life lol :)

Have a good week, Gary.

Weekend stuff, Max RSPCA, Curtis Cartoon Network trailer.....

Had a good weekend, ice rink :) going again this coming wednesday night.  Its great that so many of my friend are starting to go again :)

I saw Max a couple of times and we are just waiting for the go ahead to take him home :) Kj is getting on fine with Max and so are we :).......... I love Rotties and it is horrid to see that a Rottie was taking in as the owners had left him on a tight lead for moinths and as he grown it started to choke him and cut through his neck, he has a zip stitched onto his neck while the scars heals... sad but he is happy as pie!.....

I managed to get a copy of Curtis doing his Cartoon Network Christmas adverts, so funny.............. he did this years easter one and summer one and he has just finished this Christmas one :)  Curtis is the blonde one who teeth sparkle when he smiles lol ......... mind you when you see him in the ring fighting he isnt as innocent looking then! lol

Have a good week, Gary.

Weekend, other stuff

.....Ice sk
ating again this weekend, with my Irish buddies lol should be fun, (above) Me showing off again lol

Just had delivered Battlestar Galatica (the original series and films from the 70's & 80's) dvds, these were my favorite sci-fi stuff from when I was young.....

Looking at a house this weekend in the country, might get lucky. 

Going to clean my boat and sort the engine out.

The RSPCA have lots of staffies needing homes if any of you are interested.  Just visit 

* one of my jeeps, love driving in the snow :) Suzuki jeep are the best 4x4 out there, cheap, small, and get through any barrier...........

Aching from kick boxing last night............. sparred with Curtis, He has got a title fight this coming Sunday.

Having Bible study too this coming week, we beleive in God and He is really helping me with a recent problem, it amazes me that I started splashing Holy water over the problem and the evil's gone!.......... He works in secret ways.

Have a good weekend, Gary.

RSPCA Max, kickboxing, Ice rink, mot's, websites.

We have been visiting Max, a rescued Staffy from the RSPCA, he is lovely and  hope to get him by the end of this week :) he has been in there since he was rescued as a puppy a year ago, he had been kept in a rabbit hutch for the first few months of his life, hopefully the people responsible have........... I hate animal abusers as much as I do drug dealers.

<----Max and KJ, Staffy & Rottie.

Kick boxing tonight after work, I have a few offices to clean this week :)

I managed to sell a few more books this weekend so thats good news for some of my author freinds.

Curtis has been offered work on a few Cartoon Network adverts, he's done the last three holiday adverts this last year or so, they are 3 minute funny 'boy band who cannot sing' type adverts, the were called Nordic I think, lol.

Have to get an MOT for one of my cars this week, I hope it passes.............. I always go to an MOT station where they dont repair cars as then theres no risk of them failing it just to get extra un-needed work :)

Have a good week :) Gary..............

Weekend Stuff, Invoices, Ice rink, Grand Prix, kickboxing, War Horse Film....

Weekend coming :)

Ice rink with the local kiddies again!.......... lol good fun.

Just emailed invoices out, its annoying as being dyslexic............ I make mistakes and the clients only tell me when I ring up maoning why I havent been paid! lol. they a good bunch though and I suppose sorting over a billion of pounds of invoices for their company all over the world they can be forgiven lol (if your reading, I know some of you do, big thanks..... dont forget my Christmas card ;) ) <--- hence me doing my blogs again, nice to know people enjoy them!.................. must be mad or on medication ;O)

The Grand Prix is on this weekend (Korea) so I'll be watching it on my boat :) as per usual, after the lads have been ice skating.

Its going to be fun next Sunday as my friends from Ireland (I am half Irish & they work for one of  my customers) are coming to the rink, a real bunch of nutters! so should be fun................

Kickboxing tonight, lovely............. have a grading in December.

Have a good weekend, Gary.

Army, Ice rink, kickboxing, telescopes and the WSPA animal charity.......

Youngsters often ask about being young in the 80's and find it difficult to relise that back then there were no mobile phones, no interent, and getting photographs was not easy either.....

I remember you had to wait 7 days for your photos to develop! and that was Boots the chemists fast track service! and you couldnt cut or paste or delete them and take them again like you can nowadays lol

.........I found some old pictures of my passing out parade when I joined the Army :) brought back memories and also on Forces Reunited I hope adding them might make my old army friends remember me and they might have some pictures especially when in action :) heres hoping................

(pic, my passing out parade party 1985 I am 3rd from your left lol & Marching I was 6th rown from top, you cant see me to well.....)

.......My wrists are achy off last nights training, but my speed is right up now, everyone should do some form of self defence......

Ice rink this coming weekend with the local kids and mates, love the ice.

Hope you all having a good week.  Oh yea, can you all log onto the WSPA website and sign some online petitions to stop inhumane slaughter..... and if you can donate some money...thanks, Gary.

Weekend, Ice rink, IA updates...........

Good time this weekend gone, got the garden done, new shed, walked our KJ around Cuxton countryside, so nice round there.

Went to Gillingham ice rink, it was fun.
 <--- Showing how it should be done lol.........

( )

Been collating my book sales ( compiling my top 10 sellers and will post new top10 tomorrow........

Ian from Kick Boxing went for his black belt grading, hopefully he'll get it, he is a really nice bloke.... although he took my warm up session last friday!.......... and after that beasting I was dead before training even started.

Have a nice day, Gary.

Adam Ant, Kick Boxing, Boat, Books

Have you noticed a lot of people promoting their books? its because they are aming to head the book charts at Christmas.

I got my Adam Ant DVD today, love him, always have..... heres a picture of me when I used to enter lookalikes and singing comps a few years back :)

Going kick boxing tonight ready for my next grading in December.  So I'll be knackered no doubt.  I actually puked last week as we were worked so hard!

Taking local kids ice skating this weekend :) my second love is ice skating, I used to play ice hockey when at school, I still hold the record in the gillingham rink for longest jump and fastest lap! not back for an old knacker........ (<--- un offiicial competition etc......)

Ps, been asked how Curtis did, he won his fight by knockout in 30 seconds! another trophy added to his tally.  He went to the Rochester Bar last night so I suspect he'll be in hell at training tonight with a hangover lol ..............

Have a good day.  Gary.

Ps James, Curtis's best freind won the English KMA Belt 2 weeks ago, well done james (he is also the current World Kickboxing champion, he is only 18!) I meant to post a well done but forgot.

Went kickboxing last night......... knackered!

Went kickboxing last night......... knackered!

Been updating websites and reading shocking 'racism' stories in South Africa.

Some survivors suing their government have contracted HIV.

I wish them well and hope the racists get their cummupance.


Independent Authors Author of the Month :)

 Independent Authors Bookshops Authors of the month

Vicky Stapley

Dimples the Bear & Dimples the Bear Book 2

*Available here:-

How it all began…

After self publishing my first Book ‘The Adventures of Dimples the Bear’ in 2007. I found myself overwhelmed by the response and pleasure I had given to so many children and adults alike. Encouraging them to read and enjoy this character as much as I have enjoyed creating him.

 This not only led to sales of ‘The Adventures of Dimples’ but also the creation of Dimples himself, which is now available as a Limited Edition Collectors Bear.

 You could say this is a Family Business being one of seven Sisters as I have the support and help of every one of them which has made Dimples Publications what it is today. Dimples has friends all around the world and this wonderful circle of imagination and fantasy continues to grow.

My aim is to encourage parents to interact with their children and encourage them to read as often as possible. I would also like you to print off the monthly story and to read it at bedtime to your child. Not only are we encouraging children to read but also to you as a parent.

 Dimples and I are more than happy to come and visit your School or children’s group to read ‘The Adventures of Dimples’ and introduce them to this wonderful bear. Having already been welcomed to so many who have enjoyed this experience I feel as an Author the pleasure overwhelming. Please feel free to email me your request or any enquiries you may have.

 On behalf of myself and Dimples we would like to thank you for viewing our Web site and for your continued support and friendship which are greatly appreciated.

*IAB recommends never pay for any service offering to sell your book........ get them to prove they can sell before you commit.......................never pay money upfront! Gary, IABookshops

Blog Back...........

Hi, we're back hopefully we wont be reading anymore nasty stuff from the troll that was on here for a while.

Got new website up where I only concentrate on selling books :)

Hope your all well, Gary

*Please report any horrible stuff that might be posted on here so I can delete, cheers Gary.

Ferrari out of storage.......

Been selling books, got more hours for my cleaning business :) and dying to get my Ferrari back onto the road now the weathers better :)

DOnated to the rottweiler charity, which has now got their official charity status :)

........... donated to the rottweiler rescue trust, if you can then please see link on website in the Sponsors & Charities We Help' section........

Went to the wildlife centre in Maidstone today.  Chased invoices (shock horror) ...........

Made Anne Stephenson happy as she's due some money from sales of her book by me.... wish people would do that for me! ;O)

Have a nice day :O)



Anne stephenson latest book avaliable in a weeks time....

I will have copies (signed) in the next week or so............. so please call for your copy :O) scrool down blog for synopsis..........

Checked my Ferrari as its been pretty bad weather... thankfully he's good :O)

Chasing invoices as usual today, also helping a friend sort their lives out to.... wish someone would sort mine out!


WEATHER & bored

.........pretty bad today, I was going to do my ferrari today but better leave him in the garage........... not much happening today.  Bit boring.

Oh well


Cancelling phone insurance, Wildlife Trust.

Its such a rip off!.......... you have to call a 0844 number, yes 5p from a BT line but many dont use landlines anymore as mobiles come with free minutes etc and if the insurance is for mobiles they should at least give you a mobile number to call them.... and maybe you'll not cancel the insurance... but that got me miffed that it is 20p a minute using my mobile calling them so cancelled and wont go back with that insurance firm anymore.... some companies dont relise that customer relationships are better than just getting money today............

Went Priory again then to the Kent Wildlife Trust today, I am a member.  Love animals.

Hope you had a good day :)


Been to the Priory in Maidstone (religious place)

Chatted to a friend about how crap things get at times............... always gopod to meet a true friend, you always feel better.

Waiting to see if an invoice will be found from one of my biggest customers for my cleaning business.

Heres wishing, hope you all are having a good day and working through any problems that come your way.

Have updated a few pics on my 'Articles' pages..........


Bank, Books, invoices........

Chasing invoices.... grrrrrrrrr always a pain in the ...........!


Anne Stephenson releases another 'Doodle's Book............. out at the end of November 2010

The blurb:

As Eric crashes his way down the ski slope, totally out of control, his only consolation is that Iver No-Idea isn’t there to see.

Iver No-Idea and his dog HB are doodles. But they are no ordinary doodles – they’re alive, and words and pictures come alive around them. Iver No-Idea has been learning to ski in a ski brochure. He’s been practising for weeks and now he thinks he’s an expert, and can’t wait to tell Eric how it’s done.

But when Iver No-Idea and HB are left behind, they find a way to gatecrash Eric’s holiday. They arrive at just the wrong time, causing their own unique brand of trouble.

Anne M Stephenson
Also all her books available from me see Independent Authors Pages :)


New website is still being done... so offline at the moment..... Sorry


Blog is back.................

Hi, I have re-opened my blog now........  Also now have the services of a Business advisor which is really helping me.  :O)

Hope your all well, Gary.

Drug pushers & Dealers.

Wouldnt it be good if all these evil doers were to eb strung up............they are soooo hard arnt sign of a policeman they leg it ;O)   They can hide but they always get found no matter where they are...all it takes is someone doing their duty and letting the Police know where there new drug factory is....Heard about one being smashed on TV so well done that person for reporting :O) Gary

Another good day.

Hope your all enjoying your lives and doing good with your books and other stuff :O) Gary.

Just ordered Madness's new album............................

Cant wait, I love Ska music :O) go out and buy it you NUTTERS!!!!! :O) Gary.

Aylesford Priory and website

Added new info about craft fairs I am attending, lastest is at the Priory in Maidstone. I am still playing around learning about the tools for my website building so sorry if you somhow get a picture of a turkey in a boat etc its all a learning curve! :O|  gaz.

6th may X - Factor auditions....

What a pile of poo............. only got a few lines out after waiting all day (11.45pm I gor to sing!) ....I think the 'Judge' was pissed off cos they had to stay on because they were really running late......grrrrrrr oh well,  lol Gaz.

New Website


I have finally got a new website design tool and as always I need to sus out how all the gadgets work. I'll be changing and adding stuff each day and will keep this blog updated with any news etc.  Thanks and Spanx for your waiting around! gazza ;O) xxx

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