Helen and myself do TV/Film extra's work............

I'll update what auditions / work we've applied for and done over the years.(lots to add! so list will creep up as and when I remember!)

Gary on Australian TV showing how I went from living in my car to a making a better  life... very motivating-------------->



Main part in Svengali: Film due for release in 2013.

WarHorse: Released 2012, played ww1 soldier 

Vodafone Advert: Curtis done advert for Vodafone advert Oct 11

Cartoon Network: Curtis did a Christmas video promotion for cartoon network as a boy band simger.  Oct 11.

Female SKA singer with SKA band (on and off depending on which girlfriends jealous of Helen at the time.........)

Helen Ska Singing: next appearence aug 12

Audition Extra in a Acorn vs Sinclair early 80's docu-drama - July 09

Audition  couple interacting with their pets - July 2009

The Bill  Kernal (my rotweiller) might be on playing an agressive large dog in an episode. June 09

X Factor audition 2009.

Audition 'Robin Hood Adventure staring Russel Crowe' late 2009 - got part.

Audition gameshow with Graham Norton.

Audition Romeo & Juliet 1994 Salisbury Studios- got part. (Gary)

Audition Soldier 'The Lark Still Bravely Sings' 1994 - got part. (Gary)

X Factor Audition 2006.

X Factor Audition 2007.

Start Bar Richard & Judy  march 2009 - in crowd. (Helen and Gary)

Audition 1 out of a 100 National Lottery gameshow. 

Richard & Judy show Channel 4 January 2004 & February 2004.

Audition scientific show about the mind - April 2009.

Featured on ABC TV Australia 'Catalyst' Science programme about 'Luck' - Dec 2007.

The Sunday Magazine, News Of The World Paper - featured about The Luck Factor by Prof R Wiseman.

Kent Online - TV Gary's Luck change article.

London Metro Paper - Luck article.

London Evening Standard - Luck Factor Book by Prof R Wiseman.

Radio 1 - mentioned by Prof R Wiseman when asked about Richard & Judy show and Luck School'

The Times Newspaper - Article about changing your life when faced with it all fallinf down around you.

Wales radio - Independent Authors promoted via an Author Taff Lovesey.

Writers News - My Independent Authors featured in new members section.

Writers News - Independent Authors business mentioned by Author Anne M Stephenson.

 Curtis (Helens son) is in the new movie 'War Horse' due to be released end of 2011